A Second Wave Is Here...Literally

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I was casually scrolling on twitter earlier today when I came across this video. This happened in Lagos, Nigeria either on New year's day or the day after right in the middle of a pandemic. The beach side looks like a giant colony of ants but in human form. I can't help but wonder how people are so comfortable being in such huge gatherings despite the rising case of Corona cases in Nigeria.

Is a big party or celebration that important that we throw caution to the wind? Or the number of deaths due to the virus is nothing but a hoax still?

Just few days ago it was said a woman who attended a church program contacted the virus and died two days later. Pastors of the said church also tested positive to the virus, still, such gatherings are still held.

The virus has been here a long while, the Nigerian government is probably making a lot of noise about the second wave here just to get hold of the vaccine on time. Whatever the case, I'll be on my mask whenever I go out. I'll look silly because no one's really wearing one in my town but I don't care for the stares and laughs. I care about my health.

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if your under age 70 chances are you are not gonna die. fact: 99.99% survivability. Most cases involving deaths have been to being a mix of other illments and vitamin D deficiency. Other words. treat it like a cold. drink plenty of fluids. like orange juice. teas that help with the symptoms. It is not rocket science to take care of oneself but sometimes people have to be reminded. but "gov" just wants to spread fear using mainstream media and the hypnotic television to "PROGRAM" the mind.
"Today on Today, feel this way and react to this in this manner. the weather... °intense back ground news music° weather: "Caos and fear fred. The people of nigeria could see a dramatic increase in covid cases due to the weather about to happen. see here." °shows some graphs or some bullshit° "and blah blah blah fear blah blah be wary, blah blah blah, etc".

research into bill pedo gates and his plan to commit mass genocide using the vaccine. I couldn't make this up if I wanted to. He litterly states he wants to kill off the population and that he will use the vaccines to do this. HIS WORDS, not mine. Then his words by action state he initiated the "scamdamia" in EVENT 201, plus he has support by alot of major players too. The Commitee 300 are sure to be playing along. the bilderburg group are sure supporters of depopulation agendas. These are powerful families with ties to all world "gob". controlling them essentially.

You tell me. Even despite that the vaccine WILL make you steryle, they still will force it upon the people of the world. and they will use the military to do it. all they have to do is weaponize the shot and boom. run away? shoot the vaccine with pistols and rifles. evade still? hunted. if you resist you shall be killed. run away might be killed anyways.

I say run anyways. RUN. so that we may fight back for the liberty and freedom to run away from dangers unecesary to cause bloodshed.
etc etc etc etc

Now this threw me off...lol

The thing is that many Nigerians are already overlooking all that we hear and read about this pandemic but this video you posted is really a cause for concern because if anything should go wrong it will lead to a mass spread of the pandemic.

I know what I think about the second wave and I know that a lot of things are dicey about it but I will always try to keep myself safe.

Keeping myself safe too cos I don't want to take any chances