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hello friends of the hive and fans of ¨3Speak¨ ¨ThreeShorts¨ I am blessed to have found two safe and reliable pages where to host my content, in addition, they will never censor your content

Before the storm hits it is common to see ¨insects¨ take refuge in nature

Yesterday we were in the orchard and we could see how a "butterfly" took refuge in the "herbs"

The knowledge that these little ones have is incredible, a while after seeing the "butterfly" get to safety, very strong "winds" arrived


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Beautiful butterflies are starting to be more apparent in our garden of late, stunning colours and short video clip of this one enjoying your garden.

hello dear friend @joanstewart good night
It's true what you say, butterfly sightings are more and more frequent.

The days here are being stormy, and with it a lot of movement of butterflies, the first day of this year, here in my city there was an invasion of white butterflies, millions of them moving in the sky, parsian pepelitos in a football stadium, something Incredible to see, he was so excited watching, that he was not able to go find the camera to film it.

I appreciate with all my heart this pleasant visit and your kind words, I take this opportunity to wish you a splendid night and a happy rest


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@jlufer - The nature is always beautiful. Great that you have your own garden and orchard that brings foods for consumption. This is the best way to fight with high cost of living in anywhere of the world. Planting what you eat and eat what yo have planted.

¡Qué bello el video, @jlufer!
Me encantó