3speak #uncensored A beautiful earwig posed for our video

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hello hivianos fans of ¨3Speak¨ ¨ThreeShorts¨ The decent way of acting of these pages makes them have more fans every day, having a page that thinks differently about censorship is priceless < / div>

Nature is amazing, it does beautiful things, like this beautiful bird

In this part of the world we call it earwig, it is not very common to see it, much less pose near people to have a video recorded

It is evident that they are very curious, at all times she has been watching us, happy that she did so, she allowed us to film her



Source:  vimeo-free-videos

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@jlufer - You are so lucky that be able to capture the moment of this tiny beautiful bird.


It is true what you say dear friend @andyjim, I am blessed to be able to capture this moment.
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