3speak #uncensored Thankful farewell to our bean plants

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hello hivianos fans of ¨3Speak¨ ¨ThreeShorts¨ Censorship makes me sad, I don't understand how there are people and organizations that want to silence freedom of expression, luckily there are pages that have different opinions; Here they will never censor your content

Today we should have said goodbye to another plant that has given us a lot of satisfaction

The bean plant has surprised us at all times, every day it has given us delicious pods

Unfortunately he has been infected with fungus, it is the reason for deciding to eliminate the plants, thanking for everything he has given us and saying goodbye.


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Maybe you should get some kind of pesticide to keep your crop safe

how are you dear friend @joetunex good afternoon
We do organic planting, that is, we do not use chemical products. in this case we cure with a homemade preparation, called soapy water, but this time we neglect ourselves and the fungus won, is what has happened, the lack of time in the garden is fatal

Thank you very much for your interest and your kind words
have a wonderful afternoon

You are welcome my friend