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hello hiviano fans of ¨3Speak¨ ¨ThreeShorts¨ Defending freedom of expression is everyone's duty, one way is by using pages with different opinions to host your content; These will never censor you

We were fortunate that two ¨paraíso plants bloomed in the garden

One of these we have given to my daughter to plant at the bottom of her house

The other we plan to leave it where it is so that it can shade our vegetables.


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very grateful dear friends @pixresteemer for the support provided.
have a splendid night


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Hey @jlufer, here is a little bit of BEER from @pixresteemer for you. Enjoy it!

Learn how to earn FREE BEER each day by staking your BEER.

#3speak is best , there is freedom of speech , dear this plant name is talli in our langue, i think it grow very fast, good for summer season, we use its shadow to sit under it, ho

how are you dear friend @yousafharoonkhan good afternoon
I really appreciate that you let us know the name of this tree in your native language. I was unaware of that information, thank you very much for it

I really appreciate this visit and support that you give me every day

Have a nice week

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@jlufer - This is really looks great for both of your daughter house and the shade for vegetable. I am quite what kind of the tree that you planted. It looks like this type of tree being planted in my country as well.


Hello dear friend @ andyjim good afternoon How good it is to know that in your country, these trees are planted.
In my city it is a tree widely used for its foliage that gives us beautiful shade, we just hope that it continues to grow as it has been up to now.
Thank you very much and have a splendid afternoon


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