3speak #uncensored Abigail reveals what she received from ¨Papa¨ ¨Noel¨ part two

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hello friends of the hive and followers of ¨3Speak¨ ¨ThreeShorts¨ We started a new year, but it is good to retain some things from the customs of the old year, eats pages are one of them, for his way of acting in the face of censorship, I would never change it

Our granddaughter is growing very well, as every child loves to receive gifts

¨Papa¨ ¨Noel¨ brought the gift or that she wanted and a surprise

This is an articulated, sounding ¨unicorn¨; She now she is eager to introduce you


Source:  vimeo-free-videos

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how are you dear friends @hivebuzz good afternoon
I wholeheartedly appreciate the great job you do to keep us informed. happy New Year.

Hello @jlufer, thanks for your comment! We also hope that everything's fine in these early days of 2021 😊
Have a wonderful Sunday!

Hello my friend, how are you?
I forgot to wish you Happy New Year... but here I'm now.
Abigail is so cute and I liked the she talked and played with the toys.
Please give my best regards to her.
Stay safe, my friend.

hello dear friend @ashikstd good afternoon
Abigail is growing up very fast, and like all children they love gifts. Thank you very much for your kind words without a doubt they will be given
I wish you a happy year, may health and happiness accompany you daily, may peace and prosperity never be lacking in your life