Love Coffee - MV Vlog #2

in Threeshortslast year (edited)

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Our little baby loves coffee, when she tries to drink, her mother trying to stop her while dringking, suddenly our cute baby laughs, we gave just a little coffe to drink, then after drinking, the cup she use when finish, she always bring the cup to the table automatically, she already know what to do next after dringking, this is the precious moment for us, her happiness is priceless, the moments we spend for our family.


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Dati nagkakape ako, but after nung sumakit tyan ko, di nako umulit, acidic kasi, tapos acid reflux pa,.
Kung gusto ko man ng kape, yung matapang.
Yung kaya akong ipaglaban. 😅

aba may hugot pa

Very good si baby, naobserved nya yun kaya copy nya rin.

muka nga po nay, alam nya na agad

Hwag mg coffee is baby so ok

konti lang po nay, milk mo sya talaga, nagustuhan lang ung kape

No stop it please giving coffee.

Baby's smile is so precious, kuya.
Sa cofee naman, I like it black. Walang halo halo na kung anu ano and I drink coffee 4 times a day :D Coffee is life.

tama buti nga po at my record na, i ppreserve ung moment.