WV crackhead gets caught stealing from Dollar Tree in Charleston

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Drug addicts are common thieves, but it is not everyday that an average employee is willing to stand up to the lawbreaker.

In this video a male employee from Dollar Tree takes a stand against this female bandit. She starts going absolutely crazy in the store. This one is definitely worth checking out if you want a good laugh.

Mad props to this employee at the Patrick St location for handling this situation like a total boss!

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What are you in for?

I had to get my candy!

Oh nice neighborhood @daltono!
I watched your others video too, hahaha... the girls fighting video and the girl kicking at the Mall-door video!
The employee did a great job!

There is a lot of crazy stuff happening here in my state's Capitol-city. I'm glad you saw the other videos. They are all hilarious in their own way.

Proud of that dude for standing his ground. That woman was a total idiot.

Oh Shit, that went bad! Very cool of the guy not to heat her because she was asking for it.

stealing from a 1$ shop that is pretty low

It’s almost as low as it gets. Quite sad isn’t it?
Yet hilarious from this video’s perspective.

Hello dear friend @daltono good night

I worked in a supermarket and you would be surprised to know how many times they rob each day

Supermarket companies lose millions of dollars a year

This woman is incredible.

I wish you a beautiful Sunday

I believe you. A thief is far too common these days.