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RE: Let's Take a Step Back...

in Hive Governance9 months ago

I did not expect a professional figure to respond the way he did. This war escalated too fr. But at the end of the I don't think Justin Sun can win this game. Developers of Steemit left. Many of the BitTorrent team left. Tron doesn't have any proper DAPPs. It's just 2 million shills on Twitter for the most part. Even if we loose the Binance, Huobi, Poloniex and few more, we still have DEX and smaller exchanges, @blocktrades and KuCoin. We have a community. The price will simply crash for some time and we will be back. All will be well.


Actually I also believe that he's cornered right now, and not just by us, probably why this reaction. I'm curious how this will end. Maybe he'll calm down and re-become rational so that people can talk to him, otherwise we can always go our own way.

At the end of the day he is the only one to loose anything substantial. People on STEEM are panicking too much and severely underestimating how Antifragile we can be.

We've proven for sure to be more powerful as a community than many imagined. And not only once.

I used to say that STEEM is the best large scale online community on Earth in my early days. These recent events have proven those words again and again. There are many problems with STEEM. But we've built some of the biggest DAPPs of the world without even having actual smart contracts!

STEEM is flawed yet Antifragile