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RE: What They Don't Want You to Know About COVID-19

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Infowars at least did interview Dr. Boyle in the beginning of february for those paying attention. Truth is on Talk Radio #RepublicBroadcastingNetwork


Thx yeah, Infowars, the various hosts
got a bunch of interviews with him.
RBN is great too, I'm a big fan of Mike!

I like the hosts as Ralph Kermit Winterowd, Tom McAvera Stuart, Robert Reyolt, and Rick Adams the most. Mike is on the lower half for me but I do enjoy his program. At least he doesn't trumpet a tyrannical Trump. I like to listen on podcast so I can speed it up and skip commercials. I am up to 2.3x speed :P

Nice, yeah sometimes I like to crank up the speed on podcasts too!