Did You Notice They Literally Re-Defined "Vaccine?"

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Those of you who have been paying attention to he COVID-19 scamdemic over the last year are probably quite familiar with the media/government/corporate redefining of things, randomly changing direction on things (like Fauci & the WHO switching from "no masks" to "double masks"), and of course the new "vaccines."

We've all heard about these new injections that Bill Gates funded and created a market for, part of the stated mission of GAVI (a project that is funded almost wholly by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

Gavi has focused on taking a long-term approach to developing and maintaining healthy markets for the critical vaccines we support. We are now seeing this work come to fruition.

What some people may not know is that these new COVID-19 shots are not vaccines. They do not contain any live, dead, weakened, or attenuated virus cells or fragments. What they do contain, is something called "messenger RNA," which is used to trick the recipient's cells into becoming/producing something new (like "turning someone into a butterfly," as Elon Musk put it). In this case, the official claim is that these shots will make their victim's body produce sars-CoV-2 virus cells.

What do you do if you're a megalomaniacal billionaire with a goal of eugenics & profit, and you want people to take your experimental new shot that is already killing recipients? Simple, you just redefine the word vaccine...

Merriam-Webster's Dictionary definition of Vaccine (all times until Jan 8, 2021):
Prev Vacc Def.png

Merriam-Webster's Dictionary definition of Vaccine (currently):
Current Vaxx Def.png

Man, that sure is convenient for Mr. Gates and his new "vaccines," the most pre-sold pharmaceutical products to ever exist. It's not like Billy would be out much if the jab were to flop, since he's also the largest owner of farmland in America... but that's not something anybody should be worried about, right?

Here's a wonderful full documentary by The Corbett Report on Bill Gates:

Of course, Bill couldn't have done it without help from people like Neil Ferguson (who created the fraudulent paper used as the basis for all the lockdowns & fear), Andrew Cuomo and other governors (who intentionally killed tens of thousands of elderly folks), and social media giants like Facebook & YouTube censoring anyone who speaks out against their crimes.

It's almost as though there was global collusion, of people known to be psychopaths, pedophiles, and eugenicists, to do harm, incite panic, and reap unbelievable profit from the results. Remember Event 201?

But that's just crazy conspiracy theory, right?

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Well this is not surprising, that they updated the definition. I would have no problem with that, if such an mRNA vaccine would get the same level of scrutiny and year-long safety follow up like any other drug, BEFORE it gets licenced!
But what was a real shocker to me was that the WHO also had secretly changed the definition of HERD IMMUNITY!
While in the past this could be achieved by immunization regardless if by vaccination or naturally aquired immunization (=having been infected), now herd immunity is only feasible by vaccination.
This makes the ground for forcing the jabs also to previously infected people. A nice sales boost for the vaccine makers, but also a threat to those who underwent COVID-19 already. They could react even worse to the vaccine and in the clinical studies this was not that well documented.


#ArrestBillGates & Co. for Crimes against Humanity...
Little Nerds/Pedophiles are trying to play God.
Hands off Creation!
Thanks for the post Kenny.

To be fair, if technology advances, terms need to be redefined.

Take musket/rifle cartridges. At one time, they were paper packets with pre-measured powder and a ball/bullet for the soldier to open, pour powder, use the paper as a patch, and then load the projectile. Then it was a paper pouch with an internal primer ignited by a needle. Eventually, we got the modern metallic cartridge.

That said, I don't like being a guinea pig for new technology, and I don't trust Gates or the government to have my best interests at heart. I prefer open-source software and personal liberty, thank you very much.