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RE: What They Don't Want You to Know About COVID-19

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I want to try to find the genome map, the ingredients, the DNA, of what this COVID-19 is specifically. But yes, I know it mutates and that means the specifics is changing as there are different strands, different versions that mutate, evolve, change, adapt.


Yes, it has a HIV delivery system. I want to know how many different things it has as a chimera virus. You mentioned a few things like MERS and SARS. Some call it SARS 2 or something. Yes, the Novel Corona Virus 2019 is air-born. It may be giving some people cancer, etc.


Some people get reinfected with COVID again and again as it mutates and returns again and again. We can use natural remedies in our attempts to battle COVID or die trying at least. I encourage people to consider fighting these things without going to hospitals. The RO is 3.8 but what is RO?


We should be treating COVID as at least three different things, HIV, MERS, and SARS, and we should be looking at different natural remedies, treatments, for these three diseases or viruses or whatever that they are, at least. People do beat cancer. People do beat HIV. Not everybody can, I get that. But some can do it. Yes, extremely complex, it is. But not impossible to do in all cases.


Well said, click here for information
on the basic reproduction number.

Got it. Thanks.