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RE: What They Don't Want You to Know About COVID-19

Speaking of where this thing came from...

Now we get into conspiracy theory

The release in Iran did not come from Chinese people who were sick going to Iran.

It looks like the initial outbreak in China was much more deadly, then it mutated (made less deadly) and spread throughout the country.

There are so many rots-children and ivy league school finger prints all over this that we can assume that it is not govern-cement, it was the people behind the govern-cement.

The Wuhan lab being named and labelled after a video game of disease outbreak is just too much coincidence.

The Chinese govern-cement did several things (before the outbreak) that says they were in the know. Or, highly manipulated.

So, can we trace all these finger prints back to the culprits?


Thanks for sharing your thoughts, good question!
Even if we can't find who is responsible at the very
top. Perhaps, a start from the bottom and move up
up approach is called for, who knows, some of the
interviews suggest the guy they put out to help and
"manage the epidemic" was one of the people who
is neck deep in these programs for decades now.

Didn't Obama give COVID to China in 2014 during the time Obama was saying that Ebola was trial-run for an air-born disease that may come in the future? Why did Obama say that? Why are some people saying Obama did give China something other than like a pile of cash like Obama gave to Iran?