Piers Morgan, Britain's Beloved Chauvinist Journalist TV Personality Has Committed Hara-Kiri On His Career Over Doubting Meghan Markle's Mental Illness

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Piers Morgan, Britain's Beloved Chauvinist Journalist TV Personality Has Committed Hara-Kiri On His Career By Doubting Meghan Markle's Mental Illness

Piers Morgan Vs Meghan Margles - we all lose.png

It did not take long for Piers Morgan to fall on his mean sword of masculinity after apparently saying Meghan Markle was faking it during her Oprah interview recently. I want to make it clear that both of these public persons are whores and it is a shame that they didn't fuck each other harder and both die.

Crocodile Tears, Acting, Unscrupulous Commandeering & Manipulation - who is guilty of these behaviours normally rejected in our public figureheads? Well, they both fucking are except Meghan Markle has significant evidence regarding her whorish exploits all over the internet, whereas Piers Morgan has similar amounts of evidence (but being boorish instead).

I haven't watched the holier-than-thou histrionic hissy fit PeeArse exhibited on UK Television so let's watch it together below...

TWEET: Piers Morgan just walked off the Good Morning Britain set (!!!) after co-presenter Alex Beresford defended Harry and Meghan and condemned Piers' treatment of them in yesterday's programming

Well that was a waste of attention span. It is concerning that one needs to pay a compulsory TV license for permission to watch televised kernels of hollow popcorn like this. I have tried to briefly find a video of Piers' exact words regarding Markle's fake claims of mental illness or whatever but the search was shallow, much like this article's subject matter.

I did find these two interesting tidbits though: quite contrarian to either side of the hatey-debatey narratives.

TWEET: The TV Mindset @the_tv_mindset Mar 9, 2021 screenshot below

An intersection is known to exist when two roads or causeways overlap each other. Thank you, let's get Britain Talking via Television's mental wellness initiative (which excludes going outside and enjoying the sunshine)

I note the descriptive name this twitter has "The TV Mindset." Yes, yes you do provide an apt representation of the TV mindset.

NEXT UP - Here is an interesting video covering the esteemed expert role that a "Royal Expert" has in the UK. It's currently #43 in Trending for Youtube's top trending list!

After watching that video I know for certain that I wont believe anyone involved in this melodramatic UK Royal Family (Saxe-Coburg-Gotha) vs uh, Maggin Margle and whatever the fuck she represents here. Like a fly zeroing in on a fresh, sloppy steaming shit in the snow - so was Meghan Markle to Oprah's Prime Time TV Coin Slot

TWEET: WallStreetJournal CBS is paying between $7 million and $9 million to Oprah Winfrey's production company for the rights to air her interview with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, people familiar with the deal said

I respect women a lot, moreso than men. They carry within then the crucible of the world, humankind through all the ages past and yet to be borne. So that's why I will be brief with the remainder of my evidenced perspective of Meghan Markle not quite being a woman but a cheap, leg opening slutty Z-grade actor whore. She made it far bigger as a Yachter (Yachter = high-class? weekly to fortnightly hired whore that would remain on a yacht the whole time) than she ever did as an actress.

ugh this one is gross, really gross https://www.crazydaysandnights.net/2018/05/blind-items-revealed-3_26.html

Done with that trash... (Poor Harry...)

Now onto the remainder of One of UK's most popular TV Personality's indiscretions..

Typical corrupt News Network Behaviour. Think Rupert Murdorch and Fox/Sky news were about to get implicated too?

Walks out like a weakling contra-conservative lynchpin of public opinion. "Who cares if I walk out? I still get paid anyway!"

Good Morning Britain's needling interviews laced throughout with suggestive questions, leading to grand-narrative compliant answers gets served by Johnny Rotten. Cuntiness was a trait Good Morning Britain tried to transplant into the female host when interviewing John Lydell but she ended up being too polite, eventually succumbing to reason.

Piers Morgan SLAMS Holly Willoughby with vile dig: 'Horrible little face.' Don't know who the woman is but a very unnecessary thing to say. Piers delighted in being cruel, mean, personally insulting and inappropriate whilst on stage: much like Jimmy Saville

And Lastly, Tying in the Remarkably Insightful John Lydell aka Johnny Rotten with an interview he did with Piers Morgan. This is Piers at his least boorish, cuntface self that i've come across.

So what next? I expect a slew of rape and sexual harassment allegations to surface against Piers Morgan now that his public persona is bleeding to death slowly. It's time for his aged pommy-git corpse to get raped by a Legion of Amazonian Warrior Queens to Avenge Womanhood throughout the ages.

Either that or he will kill himself. I will revist this topic as it's rife in Australia at the moment - I've never seen such a incessant, obvious push in the mainstream media to attack, viciously seek to negatively affect their oppressor, their harraser, their rapist in a scatterbomb salvo that effectively threatens ruin for all figures of established power.

It's pretty good actually - tear the house of cards down. I support it on face value as it is seeking to dismember the royalty from its gilded throne, the aristocratic, the celebrity, the chauvinistic psychopathic proto-neanderthal. Tear down the temples, the castles and the TV Stations.


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I've never really cared much for the guy but him being cancelled is not the way to go. I was unaware he had been fired.

I know this reply is a bit late but since I posted the article, Piers came out publicly to address the press and let everyone know he resigned.

Was actually impressed in the manner he did it: the man has a conviction in his inherent right to express his opinion, hell be-damned and come what may. I respect that a lot.


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