Who killed Bill Gates ? (lockdown rant)

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We interrupt your not so regular posting to bring you, speech.

It feels like i've lost what was left of humanity from my family to cofefe-21, it's not that they have died from it, that would almost look like there was a deadly pandemic going on. No, there are real deseases plaguing the cities from some time now, i doubt some people will ever get back on their senses, and most are just dead inside, most won't recover easily from this post traumatic stress disorder.


Also, uncle Marcelo as a Grand Master of the Santiago Military Order of the Sword prolonged another 15 days the now ONE YEAR lockdown, you know just to make sure we are all dead inside. Which in reality it will never end, and the damages will be here for decades.

The coffee shops and most stores are closed, bakeries and pasteries can sell bread and gmo cakes but not coffee, some were quick to act and put the place up for sale, when they realise how they have to bow down, others own the property and are just closed waiting for the order to open up while attempting to engage with the government to get some of the few government financial helps, while being almost impossible according to what i've heard from small bussinesses. The only money flowing for fast-food restaurants and big supermarkets.

The police, some, maybe the older know the truth and do not take certain actions, some just quit their jobs, others killed themselves even prior to this scam, they are now dealing with the paranoid population and regarding the measures, they were basically responding to these paranoia calls, which include people calling up to check if the coffee shop which is open is complying, of course while dealing with violent crime, pedofilia, domestic violence and others which are a priority.
There are only 2 sides now and the corruption seems to show up in fragile times, in the last years our military and government agencies have been reshaped by corruption charges, if there was one real arrest it was alot..

Portugal is a small country, we trust our leaders and we trust that the television will be up to deliver the most important gospel message, the truth is that we are one of the most conformed and complying people in europe. 10 years after the largest protests in the country we had now one or two protests regarding the lockdown, apart from a few commerce protests, there is little resistance. As someone mentioned around the hive buzz, when you have alot of protests without being followed by actions, the population starts getting numb.

So we have the population glued to the television, nevermind cable, we have 4 channels which divide 14 hours between talkshows and novels, and for years (decades in fact) we have the "Big Brother" reality show which takes alot of hours in one of the main channels, and has a dedicated cable channel and acompanies families in the christmas and new year's evening.


These people are really waiting that a man in the television tells them that they can go out of their homes. They are voluntarily staying home and complying with the recomendations coming out of the tv.

But it won't be Bill Gates giving them the news, he's dead. Maybe it will be Barroso which is part of leadership of GAVI alliance.

Until then we will all allow the usurpation of history and all the science of our nature to be recriated artificially.

Bill Gates is dead because he killed and mutilated woman and children, don't wait for a mourning.
Bill Gates is dead because he helped release genetically modified mosquitos in non consenting populations.
Bill Gates is dead because he released tons of aerosols in non informed, non consenting populations.

Bill Gates is dead, because i killed him !
Bill Gates is dead !

(there was one more good song but i lost track)