Quarantine Days At The Beach? Saturday 12192020

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Tetrahedroseph beach head.JPEG

It’s Saturday. Good news is, everyone is well or better. Bad news is, I should take a shower. Fortunately for everyone else, I spent lots of time in the office.


I spent the early part of the morning twisting those advertising image your gonna see in the next section.

Eventually, I get tired of sitting in the car. It’s to me to stretch my legs, back, and torso. As I walk out or the sand I set my goal for the middle of the most nothing I can find, but then I stumbled upon this little birdie.


I also had the opportunity to watch this big dummy. He and his kid played on a sand dune that was also being shoveled and haled away by large machines.


Beach weather was perfect for more wandering around in the middle. Most people are near the water and parking lot. I’m in the middle with the birds.

The seagulls will fixated on anything you throw. I witnessed one gull pretending to ignore me throwing something. Time passed, I had stopped flicking shells and then another gull flew in. As soon as it landed, the resting gull jumped got up and chased away the new seagull. Then it walked directly to the spot where a flicked a shell just to make sure it wasn’t food.


Everything is awesome and the stupid shit I’m not talking about could have been prevented. I was correct. My prediction was correct. Neglected foresight was and poor communication don’t serve us.



I got started early with these. There are a lot and I promise not to ramble on about albums and songs. This is time for silly Tetrahedroseph type advertising. More of those twisted, milky, Facebook stories animations.


Why Facebook, because I’m experimenting. They look funny and less like the overly blended arts I farts.


These “stories” should be easy to make. The more elaborate they are, the more difficult it is to place the art/stickers. The last stick will be on top.


Also, don’t forget that these are animated when I save them to my phones gallery. I take screen shots of it for these blog posts.



All those previous stories were from 9:30am. This next batch is from later in the day.


It’s true! December 19th 2020 is the digital distribution release date for “Viral COVID-19 ASAP”.


Another album will release January 19th 2021 and then February 19th 2021.


Do you recognize the tracks in the sand? I used the footage from yesterday to make a moving background.


Variations are fun.


Those are fun, right? Do you have a favorite? I do. Leave a comment. Tell me!

Thanks for the support.



You are fortunate to have beaches available. Mine have been totally locked down and no one is allowed to set foot on the sand due to the covid flu, just in my little 50 mile stretch of South African coastline, nowhere else in the country. I feel special.

Lol, special. I think ppl here would have rioted if the beaches actually closed. I do feel lucky. It took me a few days to feel surprised that the paid parking lot was open. Tough call, they might be accommodating homelessness by leaving it open. They need to economy here too.

Update: All the beaches in South Africa have now been shut down for two more weeks through the mid summer holiday time now until min Jan. Alcohol sales banned totally. Full curfew from 9pm -6am nightly. The madness continues.