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The world beyond our planet has always fascinated me, seeing pictures from probes and spacecraft amazed me. And with increased clarity over the years I am even more blown away. One day I hope to live in a place with little to no light pollution and maybe I will invest in a telescope. Until then I will enjoy others pictures and posts of outer space.

Here are five minnows posts on Hive about space:

Tried to take a few pictures of the crazy looking moon the other night and I have no idea what the hell I actually got on there by @steinz

Some pictures of a crescent moon were taken, and it had an orange to red tint to it. Along with the moon some other lights were captured in the photo as well. They are not sure what they are, I think its a lens flare from that porch light. Though its hard to say for sure, I enjoyed seeing that red half moon above the house, only certain times of the year does the moon turn that color so great it was captured in pictures.

SpaceX Crew-1 launch Sunday, Nov. 15 by @chris-uk

We get some news on a SpaceX launch with four crew members aboard, some good info is in that post about the launch time and some details on the previous launch "Demo-2" that occurred earlier this year in May.

Moon and Venus - amazing.... by @indextrader24

Venus is one of the brightest objects that we can view from Earth, and it was captured next to a crescent moon in a few nice photos. Amazing how bright a planet can be, for it to be seen from earth. I also enjoyed the colors of what appears to be a sunrise.

Yesturday, November 15, 1988 – In the Soviet Union, the unmanned Shutt @panichodl

Many people do not realize that the Soviet Union had their own space shuttle program. It was known as Buran, the spacecraft looks alot like what the United States uses and its great to see this history has been remembered by some. A youtube video is shared in this post showing a little about this soviet space shuttle.

SpaceX launching NASA Crew 1 [Live: 16.11.2020, 00:27 UTC] @bluerobo

No pictures in this post, but it is full of useful links for SpaceX's launch. At the time of this post the launch has already happened, but still lots of good information can be found in this post about the manned launch.

Thats my curation of five minnows on the Hive Blockchain for the week. Great to see the space posts of the week, along with the success of the SpaceX launch. Stay tuned next week to see the next five of Solo's picks.

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Thank you very much! That´s really cool. Thanks for mentioned my post about the amazing view of the Moon Venus constellation before sunrise at morning last friday.

Happy days!



Ah glad to share your post, great capture of the moon and venus together!

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