Why was a man inside the capitol building, passing out baseball bats to people "rioting" on January 6th?


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There was a man handing bats through the window for crowd use on January 6th.

Here is An article on this felony:

Image from article:
This is a screen capture from video off of a body cam, apparently on a capital police officer.

The said the video was posted with a question that everyone should be asking: “Who are these men inside the Capitol, handing these other men baseball bats through the window? Answer: NOT Trump supporters”
Though the short video only shows a 28 seconds scene, it packs a punch and adds yet another layer of mystery surrounding what went down at the Capitol on January 6th.

This exposes this "inserection" for the obvious false flag it really was! The liberal controlled capital police, were providing weapons to selected people on the fringe of the crowd.

The revolver. news and Tucker Carlson theorize that the FBI may have had a hand in whipping up a frenzy on the 6th. The reason why is because of the number of co-conspirators who have not been charged. Could those people be feds or fed informants? of course they could…Given the current state of our disgraced FBI, it’s a legitimate question to ask.

How did these fringe people know to go to this secluded side window to pick up their weapons? I never heard President Trump say a word about picking up bats through this window!

Who are these men inside the Capitol, handing these other men baseball bats through the window?

Answer: NOT Trump supporters

The real violence on the sixth, comes from people traceable back to antifa or blm; but not MAGA!

Do these look like typical MAGA supporters to you?
Or do these look like Antifa, or perhaps some other “group” who are purposely trying to create mayhem inside the building?

The planning becomes very apparent, when we see a man with enough rank to bring in a case of baseball bats; passing them out to a prearranged group, through a concealed window!

The FBI now has the man’s face and could recognize who is he, and what’s his background and why don’t we already know this?

One thing is certain...IF he were a Conservative, he would already be arrested!

The other item that really bothers me, is this is from a body cam! What kind of orders were given, that a police officer saw this; and did nothing? The man with the body cam, became an accessory due to inaction!

It should also concern all of us, that most of the 800 arrested; were Legally exercising their Constitutional right to peacefully assembly. Due to extensive liberal lies, they are being treated as terrorists, after doing Nothing wrong!

Legal action must be taken against bat boy, and the cop who saw and ignored it! This is how facists operate, they accuse others of doing what they themselves are doing; to destroy the rights of their political opposition! They use this as an excuse to imprison their political opposition. When they get enough people in jail, accidents and fatal escape attempts begin. When the terrorists label sticks, they begin real executions of opposing leaders!

This is exactly how the Nazis took over Germany, and made a civilized country into hell on Earth!