Violence (from Non-violent 'protesters') is ramping up across the Nation; now including Non-Violent Car Bombs!

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Philadelphia, the city of Brotherly Love; again erupts in Rioting and Violence; because those "peaceful" rioters have moved up to 'non-violent' CAR BOMBS! This is a whole new level of 'non violence', So they threatened the city of Philadelphia, with...what else...mob violence!

Video from youtube:

Article on mob rule in Philadelphia:
I am beginning to tire of the MSM Claims that these Violent looters are simply simple non-violent people just exercising their Constitutional rights to Freedom of Speech! According to the MSM, these people are just misunderstood protesters who are NOT dangerous, because they eschew violence; and only have a difference of opinion.

Local law enforcement in Philadelphia discovered a van loaded with explosives and other “suspicious equipment” during the third night of rioting and looting that rocked the city Wednesday evening. According to Summit News, local media in the city reported that “police recovered propane tanks, torches and possible dynamite sticks from the van.” The report goes on to add, “The bomb squad is on the scene at this hour.”

So now we are being fed a line of non-violent liberal car bombers! WHEN is it too much feces from the MSM; to spread on our bread for daily dinner? -

Just so the West Coast doesn't feel left out, Rioters in Seattle threaten radio station that reports on their public arrest records.
Seattle erupts in Rioting; because those rioters don't want their arrest records published. It appears that they don't understand that arrest records are already PUBLIC records! So they threatened the Radio station that ran their story, with...what else...mob violence!

I know this is NOT fake news, because you can't make this kind of stuff up! Fact is stranger than fiction.

Isn't it Ironic that these violent criminals, under the protection of the liberals and the MSM; are insulted that they have been arrested, for their violent crimes?