To test, or not to test; that is the question!

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I got sick yesterday, with likely bad allergies. Cough, fever, loose stools, congestion,, and a mild headache; were the symptoms.

With over 20,000 people Infected with the coronavirus when being tested Florida:

Although they 'fired' the company that was responsible for 'contamination'; that 'Fixed' the problem
A health care system in central Florida said Saturday that it had terminated a contract with a third-party lab after concluding that more than 25,000 coronavirus tests it performed were unreliable.
AdventHealth said in a statement that officials were not confident with the reliability of the results from the lab and noted “unacceptable delays,” according to The Orlando Sentinel. The company did not name the lab.

There is a strong possibility that the tests were deliberately contaminated by the Coronavirus in order to spike infection rates to force President Trump to cancel a planned Florida Rally! The first news on the 'comtaminated' testing supplies from One Lab was only 2500 of the 28,000 (listed here as quantity 25,000); So 'firing' of the 'guilty' Lab would only reduce the 'bad' test supplies by 10%!

Even when the testing works perfectly, it is stunningly inaccurate!

So Chronavirus testing has become a political weapon! WTF? If I were willing to even do this infected political testing; where to use it, for the largest political bump? The largest gain (politically) would be to infect a Red state Just a few weeks before the Election. Now to pick the best location...find a Red state that had NO Blue counties. The only one that fills this requirement, is Oklahoma!

So my quandary is: do I test myself for chronavirus, or not?
Knowing is better.
Retesting will show clear of Virus.
Testing false positives
Danger of actual infection
Lack of faith in Current medical practice commitment, to do no harm
Need to vote (too damn critical today)
Lack of concern of the over inflated virulence of the chronavirus

All things measured, I will self isolate, and Ignore the testing! I just don't trust political medicine, sad to say; I will need to find an alternative....

I will take; Very hot spiced tea, elderberry, ecinacea, zinc, ginger, slippery elm, mashmallow, chammomile, ashweganda, and moringa. I also took some OTC allergy pills and vitamin C. I'm feeling better, LOL!

What would you do?


I wouldn't get tested.

Agreed, too big a risk of liberal attack through prostituted 'medicine'!