I found a solar charge Controller, in a local surplus store and grabbed it right away!

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We have a local store that buys and resells damaged or broken box return items. On Monday this store called the mercantile drops their prices to $0.50 per item, which is when I love to shop.


I found this still in a sealed bubble pack, in a broken box.


Yes, I did look for more, LOL!


I already have solar charge controllers and panels, for the system I have now; but I will expand it ASAP!


I find a lot of good items that no one knows what they actually are except me!


A kilowatt charge controller, for a couple of quarters; is a steal, since with a pretty box they are over $200!

I also found a mil spec air pump I can use on my Aquaponics system at the same place!


what a cheapskate. What's that thing do anyway?

Already bought the charge controllers I need,. this will be a backup. It controls a kilowatt of solar panels, charging a storage power battery.


I figured it was a back up for the back up. No one needs that many backups but then again I heard that things were pretty much coming apart up there so maybe it's not so crazy. lol.

Hope I never need them, but if I do....

I added 50 pounds of popcorn (popcoen is non GMO seeds) to grind as needed for cornbread, for the beans!

You can prep at the dollar store to start out.


That's actually a pretty good idea. Is that your first one this year? lol

Since it is a non gmo seed, i can also plant it for more corn. I also have many other ones that are non gmo....


That's bargain shopping if I've ever seen it. Nice pick up!

Yes, I love bargains, LOL! It pays to know what the junk actually is. I got a ball joint that fits my Son's Mercedes there. Just needed to know what it looked like, and notice the factory logo on the part.


Awesome score buddy👍

Combined with the solar system built into the travel trailer we just set up, I should be online with solar soon!