Promise made betting it wont be kept

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Many in these communities believed the current Puppet in cheif. Haha joke is on you and those like you. Ending a pipeline was more important than ending the drug war.

Promise made and will likely not be kept on Cannabis


I never believed him. We had a better chance of ending the drug war with Donald Trump... now that we have two people who expanded the police state... one federally and the other for the state of California... of course, I never thought they would defend liberty.

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No argument here. I need to make a post about declaring our status as citizen nationals.

sovereign citizens...

Not even close.

free men?

I could agree with free men. Roger Sayles teaches the dual political status that we have in the states. Many of those labels were created later and used by the man to demonize people. Citizen or Non citizen nationals. Then the alphabets will treat us as diplomatic couriers.

so you prefer to be state slave rather than a fed slave? hehehe, maybe next your hopes will report to become a happy county slave? ahahah... /justkidding.

pancho villa was always home, where ever he was in amerika...

At least if our slave masters are within shooting distance they will be more reluctant to tighten the shackles. I agree with your point though. Either way the globalists are jumping the shark.

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