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Week #06

Hi there! The introduce yourself tag is used to help new users of the blockchain let people know who they are, it's meant to be used on your intro post and if you do an update post of who you are on the chain.

The Minnow Support Project is primarily a resource for new or small Hive accounts, but PALnet is for EVERYONE! We provide a place to meet people, listen to a 24/7 streaming broadcast staffed by blockchain users, chatting and networking, getting help with proofreading or formatting, and to participate in a community curation initiative to help more people grow while exploring and discovering blogging, dapps, and games on the Hive blockchain!

MSP helps promote undervalued posts on the blockchain and reward the good job done by minnows. We have a team of curators that do manual curation every day of the week on different categories, and I (@victoriabsb) will be doing manual curations every week of 5 posts using the tag #introduceyourself tag. This post will showcase some of the amazing new users we have on chain!

I may have gone rouge this time curated more than 5 LMAO!!!

If you are new and lost in this vast ocean of the blockchain called HIVE please don’t worry, I will leave some very helpful posts and tutorials down below for you to take a look at and if you still need some help don’t hesitate to ask for it in the comments or join our discord http://minnowpond.org/ and we will help you there!!

So, let’s start with this week's chosen 5!!!


👋 Introducing Myself: My first post on HIVE! 👋

My name is Charlie, 22, and I have an interest and hobby in gardening and horticulture which I would like to share with the people of the HIVE Blockchain!


Introducing myself to the hive community.

Hello everyone. I am vary happy for joining such a nice community hive. From now hive is my new home where i can intract with the people all over the world and i will make lot of friend in hive. Without wasting your precious time i am going to introduce myself.


Café por Mango y Vladimir

Hola mi nombre es Wilnelson Pérez Muñoz, bebo más café de lo que mi cuerpo ya está dispuesto a tolerar, me enteré hace poco que en verdad acuario es un signo de aire y no de agua y me dolió mucho porque es una excusa menos para escapar a la playa en momentos de crisis; a esa excusa le llamaba: el reencuentro zodiacal, a lo que en seguida me decía mi madre: oye pero tú no lees el horóscopo. Yo le contestaba, el horóscopo está en ti, como quien contesta cualquier cosa. Y me tomaba la tercera taza de café a las 9:17 a.m. como quien sorbe un elixir.



Just call me "KULLZZ" for now... as in KULOTSKI. I'm not sure why I'm here since I was just invited by my big brother to explore this new home called Hive.blog.


Mi humilde presentación a hive | Un poco mas de mi

Buenas noches mis queridos amigos, hoy les voy hablar un poco de mi vida, espero les guste. Soy Docente de educación inicial, me considero una maestra muy cariñosa, eficaz e innovadora día a día, dando el todo por el todo por mis niños.

If you enjoyed any of these authors and their posts please give them some love and upvote them, Resteem them, or just leave them a comment!

Remember they are new users be kind and help them out!

Now With those Post and Tutorials that can be of Help for new Users!

if you know of any good tutorial missing in this list please let me know so I can add it

Official Accounts to Follow

Some helpful posts about The Blockchain

Account & Keys Safety

-Installing the latest version of Hive Keychain and working around current bug

-Hive Basics: Understanding Private Keys (yes I know it says Steem but it applies for Hive as well)

Hive Passwords / The Ultimate Guide To Key Safety same as before it applies to Hive too

To revoke access to a DAPP use this link but change username to the name of the application you would like to revoke.


You can see all permissions you have granted at hiveblocks.com/@username

Account Recovery

Frontends & Interfaces to Blog on Hive besides http://Hive.blog:

58+ Features that PeakD.com has to offer

PALNET: The dazed and confused user guide

Beginner Resources for Blogging on Hive:

Info About Palnet / MinnowSupport

please note all these posts mention Steem &/or Steemit but they still apply to Hive since we are a fork of Steem, if you know of any new Hive Exclusive Tutorials i can use for this list let me know

Links de ayuda En ESPAÑOL

If you know about any good undervalued post with the tag #introduceyourself or #palnet on it, let me know in the comments! I will make sure they get the love they deserve!


IMG Token PAL Coin.png

If you still have questions don't hesitate to ask in the channel #Minnowsupport-Help of our Discord Server

This are the amazing content curators from the Minnow Support Curation Team!
@isaria - Music // @informationwar – Information War //
@pennsif - Sustainability // @scaredycatguide - Crypto // @vincentnijman – Wellbeing // @sunravelme – Fiction Writing // @juliakponsford – Art // @solominer – Random //
@Zaxan - Photography // @ylich – Random

Thank you so much for reading, on behalf of the Minnow Support Project Moderation and Curation Team!

Picture Credit: Graphics, pictures and quotes are from their corresponding Post Author and any emoji was created with Bitmoji.com

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Hey @minnowsupport!

Thank you very much for the mention in this 'introduceyourself' article, I really appreciate the support!

I will definately take a look at some of the beginer resources that you have linked above, I'm sure that they will be a great help! Thank you for taking the time to put these resources together!

Just a quick question too, you have added your post to the 'Palnet' community. Do you suggest I do so too?? I'm thinking of using the @ecotrain and @naturalmedicine communities as that's what my content will be based around!

Upvoted 100%!



so i am slow and im only see this comment now 4 days later lol, we use the #palnet community cause is our community but we really dont curate much from it since we dont have that many people posting on it, we would encorage you to post in more active communities and ones that fit your content the best Natural Medicine and Eco Train are good options!

Cool thanks for the info, guess I'll stick to @ecotrain for now!