Ocean of Art! Dive in and discover some amazing HIVE artists / Minnowsupport Curation Team

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Ocean of Art is a weekly curation featuring some of my favorite art finds on the HIVE blockchain! These are all voted on using msp-curation (you can follow the trail on hive.vote)! Please follow the @msp-curation account to see all the amazing posts from our curation team!

Alondra by @despero-narciso


My Ghost plant portrait by @josyarteaga


Bid for my Cat art on Async by @rubenalexander


Time to Time by @kaliyuga


ANOTHER BARN OWL PAINTING! by @jacinta.sevilla


If you enjoyed these artists please give them a follow and some encouragement!
I would like to invite all the artists featured and those who are reading this to join the Minnowsupport Project! It's a great way to network, gain followers and chat with your peers in a more relaxed environment https://discord.gg/p5tYmdW


Thaaanks! for sharing my work on your selection :D... Have a good day!

Thanks, Julia!!

Thank you! I love seeing what is new out there, or someone I haven't yet discovered

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