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I have no way of proving my existence because, well first of all, I don't even know if I for instance live in a matrix as a blob of meat or only just few 011010100101001's in the internet. I've seen multiple times one of my cats appear from the bedroom and going to the kitchen and then again doing the exact same thing even though I did not see it going to the bedroom. So if I do live in a matrix, it's all the same which box I tick because only matrix sees it and it doesn't care. So to whom should I then even prove my existence, I just ask. Or wonder.

To myself?


If only things were this simple. Just send stem cells via internet and all would be good.

I would love to see the home equipment to harvest the stem cells. Not too close though. Not willing to try one. Existence is pain but I try to avoid pain, even though that might be the only way to prove my existence. Pain equals existing.


I'm gone when pain enters the room.


The big question in life isn't weather to eat your stake with beer or something else but weather to buy or sell porn.

Is buying and selling the same as existing?


Or is it that you have to make something? Be a designer for instance and design stuff.


Oh, to be a real designer and to design a table. An expensive table that someone covets.


But before you can be a real designer, you have to go to school. To educate yourself and learn useful things. Stuff that you didn't know before. Or did, but now you have a chance to get a certificate of what you've known all along.

To exist you have to prove that you are someone and something, right?


How tiring.

Could just wondering be enough?

Like the word heroin. It has a hero and it has an in in it. So basically heroin is just about the inner hero in you. Who ever invented the word for heroin must be a pro heroin type of human. Because otherwise it would have been heroout. Or herout.


Now that I've written what the matrix told me to write, do I now exist more than before I spilled my thoughts here?

Here's some LP for you. Strange. That's a good video to end this weird post with.


Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 32 of my contest just started...you can now check the winners of the previous week!


I think to ask if we exist means we do not know the rules so although we can ask it makes no difference to whether we do or not. Maybe the person who made the word Heroin was a marketing guru?

That music video is really cool, can't stop watching she has so much expression in the movements and everything.

I fell in love with LP's voice one evening and had to listen everything I found from YouTube. And continued the next day. She's awesome. She's my heroin(e). You better listen this one too:

And the existing or not thing... I think now the answer has to be: "If you're listening LP you surely do exist."

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Too many puns - too many funnies! This is too good! you have to find more, I dare you! How much PORN did you buy?

What porn? I don't have porn? I do not know what you are talking about! I have never looked at porn and do not know what you mean! I am not a buyer! Or a seller! Do not look at that closet! Do not open that folder or... or... or... we all exhale for the last time and the world collapses in to a tiny dot!

Hahahhaha I don't sy in other people's wallets so I can't confirm or deny your acquisition of porn. I reckon sticking to dirty magazines hidden under your mattress is a safer bet!

This rambling also reminds of the time I found my brother's home made porno on his USB!

OMG. And you didn't go blind?

Man there I wanted to blind myself!! It's a funny story though. And also partly my own fault I saw it!!

My opinion is that everything that I see is always 100% my own fault. So that could be true in your case too.

But I can imagine that you would have done anything to rewind the time, wipe your brain clean and not see what you did. I am soooooo sorry. So sorry. 🤣🤣🤣

I hope you tell the story here some day. Just between the two of us. :D

LOL it will actually be a great post. I will write it soon!

It is kinda my fault coz I was spiteful! So the wheel turned and burnt my eyes out!

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