Stop Calling Latinos LatinX

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The political elites in leftist universities within the United States are trying to push the "LatinX" moniker on Latinos who don't even like the word. This is my opinion on the subject of "LatinX".

Personally, I feel like using the LatinX word is absolutely ridiculous especially since we don't call ourselves that in Latin America and it is grammatically incorrect in Spanish anyways. Many studies have came out already stating that many latinos don't even know the word and the vast majority of latinos don't even like the word. This is yet another ploy by 'liberal' elites in Universities trying to push far-left idealisms into other peoples cultures.

Latinos are NOT Latinx...

What's your opinion about Latinx if you're latino?
(I had already shared this before, but not to PalNet and other main tribes, I hope you guys don't mind a repost.)

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