Scotbot Token Beneficiary Rewards

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Quick update here, and most relevant if you own a tribe that specifies beneficiaries_reward_percentage.

The way it has been working up until now is that it would first take out beneficiaries_reward_percentage and author_reward_percentage out of the pending post rewards, and the rest would be split among curators.

The new way it works is that we first do take out author_reward_percentage of the pending post rewards, and split this among curators. Then we apply beneficiaries_reward_percentage to the what is set aside from the author, and after that, if beneficiaries are specified on the post, we apply those percentages to what's left.

The reason we are doing this change now is that tribes such as LEO , NEOXAG, and STEM are enabling an option to disable the beneficiaries_reward_percentage if the post was posted with their corresponding apps. However, what this would mean is that if the post was not made with the app, the beneficiaries_reward_percentage eats out of the portion that would have gone to curators had the post been created with the app.

For example:

LEO had 45% author_reward_percentage and 10% beneficiaries_reward_percentage. Then here is what happens for a post that is posted with the app

RolePercentage (Non-App)Percentage (With App)

With this change, we will change LEO to be 50% author_reward_percentage and 20% beneficiaries_reward_percentage. Here is what that looks like:

RolePercentage (Non-App)Percentage (With App)

Other tribes that have beneficiaries_reward_percentage will be adjusted accordingly to preserve the existing split. Please reach out if you need further adjustments.


I would like to do this with WEED as well.