Wide-Eyed Wednesday!

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Full Marks for Confidence!


Telling it like it Is!


And quite obviously the Doctor's did not feel that they were getting their Share?


All arrived via WhatsApp, not my property.

Captions are my own.

As Always " Be careful what you wish for!" (time seems to pass so quickly , and my Memory is going!!)


Toilet issue is amazing and i have tried it at my childhood!! Virus issue by African is a big philosophy and all these content hilarious! 😂🤣

I wish to try my confidence at that toilet. That's truly a funny meme!
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Being a fellow-SA'n I enjoyed your sense of humour. Unfortunately my upvote is not strong enough to make a real difference, well, not enough to be worth being invited for a braai....but if I trip over you somewhere, I'll stand you to a beer :)

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