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This collection is a proof-of-concept for how one could use the Curated Content Collections feature to build a 'storefront' on their Hive blog showcasing any current products or services they offer! I will be writing an accompanying post soon explaining this concept and how it can be utilized in more detail.

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From simple proofreading and editing to blog and article writing, I have a growing list of freelance skills that I offer. This collection is a way to organize my offerings and customer reviews, making it easier for potential customers to make a purchase decision.

I've been writing web content of all kinds for a little more than 7 years, and have been producing Steemit/Hive content for about 31/2.

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Over those years, I've honed my creative writing skills and picked up a trick or two that would make my content really pop. I've been speaking, reading, and writing in English for over 30 years, and like to think I have a strong sense of spelling and grammar. To top it all off, I try to "write with a smile", doing my best to instill a sort of exuberance that makes each piece interesting and fun to read.

A well-written post with relevant images, that's formatted to be easy to read, is almost always going to get more attention and spread further than one containing numerous spelling/grammar errors or a wall of text. Great content can attract new followers, and in turn, increase your earnings. If you could use a helping hand, or someone to take some of the work off your hands, get in touch and I'll provide top-notch service at an affordable rate!

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Each service listed below has its own order form, making it easy for you to supply me with the details to get started working on your content today!
I will be adding more services to this list over time, including things like thumbnail/banner design, branding, and topic research!

Get a high-quality, 100% original piece of content on any topic starting at just $25.
I do the work, and you get the credit!

Already have a piece of content, but need someone to look it over for errors?
I'll proofread and edit your content for only $0.01 per word!

Professional curation articles written about your community or event for as little as $10!

I'll design a custom banner ad for you starting at just 5 HIVE!


Uh oh!

There are no customer reviews to be listed yet! Once I have completed a gig and that user creates a post reviewing my work, good or bad, it will be included here!

As an incentive for doing so, writing a review of my work will net you a 10% discount on your next order!


All prices for my services are listed in USD in order to ensure consistency but will be converted to your preferred payment method at order confirmation. I accept payments in HIVE, $LIST, $COM, and PayPal, though a 5% surcharge will be required for fiat payments.


Your satisfaction is my number one concern, and in that spirit, I will provide as many revisions (within reason) as it takes to give you the perfect piece of content every time!

Have any questions, comments, or requests that don't quite fall under the services listed?
Email me at [email protected] and we can discuss a solution!