Ypres Rally in doubt over COVID-19??

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Hi, friends!

Coronavirus pandemic is spreading heavily across the whole Europe and also Belgium so there was one small rally there that was cancelled because of the same reason.

Some of the works drivers had to test on that rally but now they are left nowhere.

But there is a way out with another small event in Belgium called Hemicuda Rally. Toyota and Hyundai decided to sen there drivers there to try their tarmac and special stages very specific for that part of the Europe.

Now there is some kind of gossip that it could be some lock down in Belgium if pandemic could go worse in the following weeks. And that could only mean cancellation of the rally.

That scenario no one wants but WRC leader Elfyn Evans wouldn't have anything against it because less rallies means more chance to win the title.

Let the best win - as always.

Credit for photos and videos to WRC and Youtube

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Grab a beer and enjoy!



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