Tsjoen to enter WRC Rally Ypres with Hyundai

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Hi, friends!

Gentleman drivers were always present in the rallying but lots of people don't know what does it mean a term 'gentleman drivers'.

Gentleman drivers are drivers with private budget that can afford a really good (or top) car without looking for a top result. They drive for their own passion and not to achieve something extra ordinary. Well, they also look for the result but not necessary.

Motorsport was always kinda expensive if you want to run it on the top level so gentleman drivers are always there to fulfill the entry list with some good car.

I can't say that Belgium Pieter Tsjoen is a gentleman driver in the full term of the words because he is really quick driver. The thing is that he is becoming a veteran of the Belgium rallying.

Now he will try Hyundai i20 WRC last spec from 2C Competition, private outfit that owns two Hyundai WRC cars of the latest spec.

Because he knows Ypres Rally upside-down, he could count for a top 10 result but I bet that some youngsters will beat him in R5 machinery.

Let the best win - as always...

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