Remembering Colin McRae

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Hi, friends!

Two days ago, on September 15. it was 13 years that Colin McRae is not with us. Yeah, om Monday I was thinking to write or not about this theme because Colin was my inspiration to start with rally driving. But I was thinking why to be another one who chews this theme around.

But the thing is that this guy put the rally sport on another dimension when talking about sport. Rally was always amazing sport but for hard core fans. Colin McRae brought this sport for a large audience with his games for Play Station. After that game came out (from Code Masters), rallying became global sport and every kid knew what was all about.

These days rallying is on margins and that's all because of the rally managers who think that they can buy everything with money. But that's not true because you can't buy pure talent with money. Results show that. All these drivers who came into the sport with bags full of money didn't win the World Rally Championship and that only proves that it is the wrong way.

I mean, if you don't have the money, you are nowhere. But that should all be on the lower steps of motorsport. There you can buy seats. But in premium category WRC, they should not be able to enter without top results and talent.

Colin McRae had all that and that's why he still lives in the hearts of millions of fans.

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