Rally video to watch - Rally WRC vs Group B

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Hi, friends!

Group B of rallying was the top class in the World Rally Championship from 1982 to 1986 and it was really dangerous for both - spectators and drivers because they both was losing their lives on the special stages.

Also the construction of the group B cars was really weak and we al know how dangerous is motorsport. At least in modern rallying, WRC cars are much safer. We all saw a terrible crash from current WRC champion Ott Tanak on this year's Monte Carlo Rallye with his works Hyundai i 20 WRC.

Well, if you go flat out through some forest, you should feel safe in that box called WRC car.
And it seems that current WRC cars are really safe because if you crash out at 190km/h and nothing happens, that's good.

Some of the biggest talents died in the era of group B and I am talking about Henri Toivonen and Attilio Bettega.

Motorsport must be as much safe as possible.

Watch this video which compares these two classes of rallying.

Credit for photos and videos to WRC and Youtube

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