Rally video of the day: Colin McRae's Dream Car - The McRae R4

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Hi, friends!

I followed Colin McRae from his beginnings at Subaru in 1992 and I heard for him for the first time when watching season review at the end of that same year.

I noticed super brave guy who can roll the car for the three times in one rally and that happened in Finland 1992.

I followed him when he was at Subaru, I followed him when he was at Ford, I followed him when he was with Citroen (bad year but good salary), I followed that two rallies with Škoda and the last one with Citroen in Turkey in 2006.

So the whole career he was inspiration for the fans all across the world.

After he finished his full time at WRC, he created something as a potential rally car called McRae R4 with the price something more then the group N car at that time and that was around 120 000GBP.

Now there s a whole story and movie including his father who talks about the whole project mad by Dirtfish. Good job, guys.

Credit for photos and videos to DirtFish and Youtube

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Grab a beer and enjoy!