Ostberg tested with Citroen R5 machinery on gravel

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Hi, friends!

Citroen means big with their WRC2 program because they invest lot of money into it through testing and having one of the top drivers on the market - Mads Ostberg.

He is probably in a WRC car in his mind but without available seats and offers, works drive with Citroen, even in the lower class, is good.

In these few years that they work together Citroen really progressed good with C3 R5 which wasn't the case with their WRC car so they left the top of the sport.

R5 cars are really big market for privateers because there are lots of guys who will invest 250 000€ into a top rally car in a lower category then the WRC.

Well, there is not much people that can buy WRC car for around 750 000€.

Price of the R5 car isn't small but they bring the results and that's why you compete.

There is also a sponsorship venue because you can't find a sponsorship without results. That's clear, isn't it?

So Citroen continues to develop their C3 R5 car and this test was on gravel with Mads Ostberg.

Enjoy his fast drive...

Credit for photos and videos to WRC and Youtube

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