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WRC2 class Croatia Rally winner Mads Ostberg from Norway announced that his next outing will be Rally Portugal.

Ostberg, as all Scandinavians, is a gravel specialist but I must admit that he surprised a whole rally world with his win on tarmac of Croatia.

Well, Mikkelsen's error in special stage two helped him a lot but I can tell you from the first hand that there is lots of mental games on the field during the rally. And the one who is stronger in the head, wins the rally.

That happened in Croatia and who can say anything against Ostberg who won whole WRC2 championship last season with Citroen.

I think that he reconcile with his current WRC2 status but he is still very young as a driver at age of 33. What can you do when some youngsters full of money can buy WRC1 seats just like some toy in the store.

He drives for Citroen for the last four seasons and I think that he is happy to be a professional driver at the moment in this coronavirus pandemic crises when everything is half a stopped.

Well, he comes from very rich family and his father Morten Ostberg was also a rally driver so he could be able to buy himself a seat but for what, when he drives for Citroen in their WRC2 effort with their satellite team Tagai Racing from Hungary.

He has at least six or seven season ahead of him in the WRC and in that seasons he should think if he wants his last shots for WRC1 top spots.

At least he has that one WRC win from Portugal 2012. So hos next outing will be the same rally. He will be specially motivated, that's for sure.

Let the best win - as always...

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