Onboard rally video of the day - Petter Solberg with Subaru Impreza WRC at Monte Carlo Rallye

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Hi, friends!

It has been long time since Petter Solberg won his only World Rally Championship crown. These days his son Oliver rules the world of rallying in Rally2 category and soon he will probably end in one of the works WRC teams. And Petter is his mentor, manager etc.

What a great special stage is this one with the name Selonnet. Lots of changeable conditions: ice, snow, wet tarmac and dry tarmac.

The most important thing for this rally is the choose the right tires and for this one Petter chose the spiked tires.

Even with this type of tires he hit the bridge but ice is always harder on the parts around and close to the bridges.

I watch from rally to rally (I am talking about Monte Carlo Rallye) that guys without experience break suspension on the bridges.

Petter won the WRC crown that 2003 season, from when is this onboard video.

Watch and learn from Norwegian rally master. Enjoy...

Credit for photos and videos to WRC and Youtube

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