Onboard rally video of the day - Petter Solberg with Subaru Impreza WRC at Cyprus Rally

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Most of you already forgot legendary rally car Subaru Impreta WRC or Group A (before 1997). Just to remind you that WRC class was introduced back in 1997 and before that it was Group A after Group B was banned in the '80's after fatal accidents.

Yeah, human lives are the most important, more important then speed or spectacular action in my opinion. It should be always like that.

During the last six months or more U wrote a lot about very promising and already Hyundai works driver Oliver Solberg. But most of you don't know that he is a son of 2003 World Rally Champion Petter Solberg who was the last driver which took crown with Subaru Impreza WRC.

I just love that boxer engine when I hear it. I never drove a car, but I was driven in one of these (road car) and I can tell you that it is pure enjoyment just sitting inside and feeling that acceleration.

So I told you that WRC class was introduced in 1997 but maybe I didn't tell you that I sit in one of those WRC cars already in 1998. That was Ford Escort WRC of Juha Kankkunen and that was my dream fulfilled.

Let's talk some words about WRC Rally Cyprus. It was probably roughest event in the WRC, back in a day rougher even then Acropolis in Greece.

Marcus Gronholm revealed once that on recce they passed whole special stage in the first gear. So now you can imagine how is it to drive at least 10km in the 1st gear.

This special stage is not that rough but it's very technical. It is also from the season when Petter Silber won his WRC crown.


Credit for photos and videos to WRC and Youtube

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