M-Sport Ford drivers to start with testing soon

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Hi, friends!

Can you believe that works team like M-Sport Ford didn't test for real (in the country here WRC rally was held) from the lockdown?!

Well, the answer is yes because they invested into some tarmac track around their factory before coronavirus pandemic has started so they had to fire lots of their stuff and keep only necessary people around.

One of the things the had to stop was testing and that's the most vital for the works drivers. They can't compete on the same level against the other works teams if they don't test properly. And the didn't do it for probably 8 months. Shame.

Malcolm Wilson, M-Sport team owner decided to invest into the (at least) 2 days test in Belgium before the Ypres Rally and that's good.

I can't believe that driver like Esapekka Lappi drove some rallies without testing before it.

At least they had a pace on the first stages at Sardinia. That's encouraging.

Credit for photos and videos to WRC and Youtube

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if you can't see the video, go to peakd dot com and find ssekulji there