Hyundai revealed new R5 rally car

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As I wrote earlier this month Hyundai WRC team revealed a new R5 car which will be ready for use in WRC2 category for the works team and WRC3 category for privateers.

In the European Rally Championship it will be called Rally2 because WRC1 are the WRC cars.

Hyundai wants a big part of cake because R5 cars cost a lot (around 250 000€ with tax) and Škoda used to sell around 300 cars.

When you add the costs of rebuilding, you can see why the factories want to be the part of that successful rally story.

Hyundai's first R5 car called i20 R5 was not that good and I would say that it was probably the worst on the market.

But in 2019 they launched the current version which is the winner in the right hands.

Huttunen and Breen showed how good that car is in the WRC and ERC.

I expect around 320bhp below the bonnet and better handling of the car.

Credit for photos and videos to WRC and Youtube

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if you can't see the video go to peakd dot com and find ssekulji there