Huttunen tested new Hyundai i20 Rally2 machinery

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Hi, friends!

Hyundai works driver from Finland Jar Huttunen is the driver wgo runs the kilometers on a new developed Hyundai R5/Rally2 car which should be homologated for a new season 2021.

Their first R5 car which was developed for a private customer and shows for public in 2017 was the worst R5 car at that moment, very slow and only occasionally and on a smaller rallies it could bring some wins.

In 2019 they brought out a new i20 R5 rally car which finally started to deliver good times and overall results.

Jari Huttunen did some brilliant times and result with that newly developed car and the greatest was in Sweden, February this year, when Huttunen finished 10th overall against much more powerful WRC machinery.

Well, the times has come for a new evolution of the car which should be for sale in the following months. Huttunen was in charge for a testing duties.

I must say that car looks really ugly but with stickers it should look much better.

Watch a video from the test and say by yourself what do you think...

Credit for photos and videos to WRC and Youtube

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