Hemicuda Rally in Belgium cancelled

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Hi, friends!

Yesterday I wrote about a small rally event in Belgium which was in plans of the works teams as a test before Ypres Rally, as a cancelled one, and today there is even more bad news for rallying in that country - Hemicuda Rally was cancelled today.

That means there will be no more test rallies before Ypres Rally next month and that also means big favor to Thierry Neuville who drove Ypres Rally last season in the WRC machinery as a show event.

Now that means big plus for him because he knows the roads and he knows the car. What more could you ask?!

There is another Hyundai driver in favor of the current coronavirus pandemis state and that is Craig Breen who contested Ypres Rally last season and he won it overall. That should be great thing for Hyundai who fights with Toyota for a manufacturer's crown.

So, no tests for Ogier or Evans, two best placed drivers at the moment in WRC. It will be a hard fight for every WRC oint because the last event in Monza, Italy also could be cancelled if pandemic could go worse in Italy in December.

Let the best win - as always...

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