Bulacia won Tuscan Rewind 2020

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Hi, friends!

Twenty years old rally star from Bolivia Marco Wilkinson Bulacia won another rally to his name and what is even better with only three outings he became Italian gravel champion, in a country where you must be superfast to be a champion.

Well, he is a gravel specialist and that's good because he is mostly oriented on gravel rallies from the World Rally Championship.

That guy started with rallying at the age of 15 and that year he started four rallies with very good results.

His best result in WRC is 7th place overall at WRC Rally Mexico in 2019 so he knows how to collect the points at the top of the rallying world.

I don't know what say about Italian drivers but something is missing. I would say that budget is probably missing due to the coronavirus pandemic economic crises. Because in Italy it is possible to find a sponsorship.

If we can't see Luca Rossetti, Paolo Andreucci and some other top star drivers, then it is probably because of the budget.

The good thing is that Andrea Crugnola won the CIR (Italian Rally Championship) because he is superfast and he kinda deserved this win.

So this season is over, we are ready for the next. So bring it on...

Credit for photos and videos to CIR and Youtube

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