BREAKING NEWS: ERC Azores Rally 2021 postponed because of coronavirus pandemic

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Hi, friends!

World of rallying still suffers because of the coronavirus pandemic and the last victim is the first round of European Rally Championship called Azores Rally in Portugal which was planned to be held from May 6-8.

I must admit that this is probably the best gravel rally of the entire ERC while Rally Hungary is the best tarmac rally of the series.

Azores Rally is very technical gravel event with some very fast parts so the precision of driving is on the first place.

One error for sure means retirement. If it is smaller error and car can be repaired, you can count on super rally rules and restart on the following day with time penalty.

Last year ERC had only five events and this season Eurosport Events, as promoter, counted on eight events calendar, but it is still under question if this can be possible because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Maybe they will have some replacement events, just like in the World Rally Championship but this is still unknown and it must be waited to see if it will be some complete cancellation of the rallies.

Maybe the better weather will bring lower numbers during the summer because last season ERC started in July with Roma di Capitale Rally. I wouldn't be surprised it this will be the same story this year.

Human lives should be on the first place and we can wait a little bit longer to enjoy our sport. Don't you think the same?

Credit for photos and videos to ERC and Youtube

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Grab a beer and enjoy!