Blast from the past - WRC Rally Sweden 2004

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Hi, friends!

We are still in the golden era of rallying when the sport was full of manufacturers and rally drivers were kinda popular like a footballers.

This season was kinda of start of going down for the sport. When a driver like Colin McRae lost a seat at Citroen and he can't get a works seat because there are some paying drivers instead, that is not a good choice for the sport.

My opinion is that no paying drivers should be at works teams. Full stop.

You can drive for the works team only if you are proven talent and that's it.

Ok, season 2004 is still full of manufacturers and competition is great. There is only a sign of the start of domination by the one team and this team is Citroen.

Well, WRC rally managers are here to blame, no one else. How can paying drivers batlle with pure talents. Impossible.

Watch this video and learn more abut rally sport.

Credit for photos and videos to WRC and Youtube

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