Blast from the past - WRC Lombard RAC Rally GB 1992

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Hi, friends!

Carlos Sainz sr became a World Rally Champion for the season 1992 and this was the first season I watched some coverage from some WRC rally on the Screensport (today it is called Eurosport).

That was a 2nd crown for the Spanish master who's son is in these days in Formula 1. I don't know for team he drives because I am not F1 fan at all.

This rally is the last rally of one era which belonged to Lancia Rally Team who won everything they could.

They didn't win this rally but they really dominate through a longer period in sport. They were also in 1993 but not anymore as a works team (in 1992 there was Martini Racing Lancia semi works team but with full support of the factory). In 1993 they won nothing and Carlos Sainz sr was their driver. Lancia just finished their development at the end of 1992 and that was it.

I really like these GB rallies from the start on '90's but I always liked muddy and gravel rallies.

Watch it by yourself how big legends were almost 30 years ago.


Credit for photos and videos to WRC and Youtube

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