Blast from the past - Lombard RAC Rally 1991

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Hi, friends!

I like gravel rallies, especially muddy one. That's where you can see and analyse how good your technique is at that moment.

And Lombard RAC Rally, called today Wales Rally GB, was one of the favorite for me when I was entering the rally world.

Frankly, I never noticed this year's edition and I didn't know that Colin McRae was that quick already in 1991.

That year he won the British Championship and at the end of the year he got the car from Prodrive to show the fans how good he is with the combo of Subaru Legacy Group A.

Group A rally cars were just something special, just much more affordable then this modern WRC cars.

Also tuners all over the world had a chance to build group A cars in their workshops with the homologation papers.

Today no one can build the rally car of the top specs because only factory tuners can do this. Not good for the sport.

So today we go into the finish of the season 1991 where it was a big battle between Carlso Sainz sr and Juha Kankkunen for the crown.

Watch the videos and see who won.

Credit for photos and videos to WRC and Youtube

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Grab a beer and enjoy!