15 days until my next rally

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Hi, friends!

I didn't driver competitively from March and I think I am little bit nervous in this two weeks before the rally. I also have two DNFs (did not finish) this season so I can't be satisfied with that. I need one finish after two ditches.

Well, in two weeks our national rally championship continues and it is probably the hardest rally in our country and maybe in this region.

It is an asphalt event but with super long special stages of around 25km. Full concentration is needed when driving those long stages.

First time I drove that rally in 2002 and I rolled the car on the special stage 3. I would like to beat this mountain road this time successfully. That's why we started with preparing the car on time.

I have also a new co-driver for this rally and his name is Kristian L, young lad of 28 and only one rally in a co-driver's seat. But he is a great guy and he helped me a lot today with suspension and brakes work.

Yeah, our front shocks are in a mood mood so we have to rebuild it. Kristian strapped it from the car and send it to the workshop 150km from my place.

And yes I still didn't see the car alive from March. The car is at my tuner's workshop around 100km from my place.

I hope that it will soon be home as the sticker for my friend and helper @pfunk is ready.

Thanks to all of you who help me through my motorsport activities. :)








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Great attitude from crew at @minnowsupport :)

Grab a beer and enjoy!



It is an asphalt event but with super long special stages of around 25km.

Wow, that's a long one! Slow and steady wins the race is an idiom we use sometimes in the US. That's why I'd make a poor rally driver, I don't think I'd be able to dial it back enough to ever finish :)

this is a skill you also have to develop as any other skill. you can't expect to come on the first rally and to be super fast from the box. training and dedication are needed. :)

Dear @pfunk, I've been flagged by someone called @ naha and I don't know why. Please can you help me with this? :) Thanks!

Not much I can do about it besides continue to upvote you. He doesn't have a ton of HP to vote with anyway. Just a thief supporter that won't get rewards from Hive with his shitposts.

thanks, friend!