The Letter L for Alphabet Hunt

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Come along and join in the fun as we search for L words for this week's Alphabet Hunt theme!

Lenses of all kinds here: camera lenses, lenses on my eyeglasses, contact lenses, as well as a contact lens case.


Dainty flowers blooming on the Mexican Lavender plants look very pretty this summer in the outdoor flower pots.


Lazy dog and cat furballs that belong to my daughter are lounging on the sofa.


Lace can be found in every woman's home. Lacy insert curtain panels are what's in my photograph.


Lemons are a staple in my household. They are healthy, smell delightful and are used in many things I prepare to eat/drink.


Limes are another zesty fruit I like to keep onhand.


Lotion, is this case body lotion, is what I use to keep my skin hydrated, soft and youthful in appearance. This particular product has an unforgettably delicious scent. Another plus is that Shea Moisture products contains all natural ingredients. Win-win!


Lastly, I have laundry in a laundry basket, a never ending chore one must stay on top of unless you have an infinite supply of clothes to wear!


This post is my entry for the fun weekly alphabet hunt contest hosted by the lovely @barbara-orenya

Learn more here

Images taken with Samsung Galaxy Note8

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Wonderful photos! I love that Mexican Lavender. I don't think that I've ever seen that before. And lace is a perfect one for the letter L. I didn't see your post in the feel-good community and went to check why that was, but I think you transposed The Hive number. It should have been 190931

You noticed well my dear @melinda010100 😊 , I've spotted that too and decided that you, @ninahaskin, will still be part of the draw as your intention was yet to post in the community ... 😉 maybe you can copy/paste the hive-190931 , this is what I do as I do not rely on my memory ...😁

@barbara-orenya Nina did a cross post and got her entry into the community that way!

Yep, I've seen it too 😊 but I don't want to encourage cross-posting in the future, so anyway I had decided it was ok for Nina as it was obvious that she wanted to post on FG community but her eyes did cross the numbers ..😁

I agree and I don't encourage cross posting, either! Partly it was an experiment because neither Nina or I were certain if you could even do a cross post if you had originally posted on Esteem, but we found out that it works! 😀

Whoops! Clearly I needed to be wearing a pair of those lenses instead of photographing them last week, Ladies! Thank you for being nice about pointing out my mistake and adding the correct hive number in this and your posts.♥️

Haha ! right on time this week ! I'm off to bed now and contest close in half an hour, well done ! 😉
I never thought there were so many different lenses, but funnily it seems you have them all 😊
Thanks for this nice L hunt my dear ! ^_^

Thank you very much, Barbara, and my pleasure!

Haha! I credit you for my now having a handy link with the UTC conversion bookmarked to make sure I didn't miss the deadline for the drawing!

Bonne nuit, mon ami!

Looks like a fun challenge! Well done!

Thank you, Paul! Come join in the Alphabet Hunt fun with us -- we're on M this week! @old-guy-photos

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Nice post. Your photos are wonderful, such vivid colors.

Thank you very much! @farm-mom💕