"Lockdown serie #17"

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That damned lockdown is almost over here in Paris, I'm really looking forward to go back to my favorites quarries and spend good time with my pals 😁

In the meanwhile, I keep on working in my tiny living-room at building new light tools for indoor use only and experimenting a lot.


Lightpainting created in real time, captured to the camera in one single photographic frame.

No layers /no Photoshop / no editing exept minor adjustments (lens correction profite, WB, contrast (+12)) and addition of my logo.

Shout out to my kinetic lightpainting brothers here @fadetoblack @mafufuma @oddballgraphics @fastchrisuk @martbarras @stepko @maximepateau @yo-hoho : these guys know how to blow your mind :)

Gear :
Canon EOS 6D body
Canon EF 16-35mm f/4L IS USM lens
Canon RC-E6 IR remote
Benro A4770TN tripod
Jobu-Design Heavy Duty Gimbal Head Mk IV

Settings :
100 ISO

May 2020

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Vraiment TOP celle-ci 🙌🏻❗️

Avec le confinement, je me suis bougé le cul sur pas mal d'idées en attente depuis trop longtemps! Mais je vais poursuivre mes petits travaux d'intérieur 😉

Merci @maximepateau 🙏

Love the design and your signature colors.

I really wonder why I didn't try this before...
Thanks Hugo 😎

I noticed a new pedestrian bridge pretty close to my home, I'm looking forward to play with it next week!!!